Dit bericht ontving ik per mail van Patricia Cota-Robles op 13.15 / 13 Storm (11 juli) en vooral belangrijk om te lezen voor mensen die twijfels hebben (het 'eng' vinden) bij de gebeurtenis Fire the Grid op 17-7-2007

Hi Dear Hearts,

I debated about sending this E-mail because many people are not receiving the conflicting e-mails about the Fire the Grid event, and I did not want to confuse people. But I have received hundreds of e-mails from people asking about the conflict, so I thought I would send this e-mail to everyone on our e-mail list and let people share this information with whomever they choose.

This is the response I have sent to the people who have asked for my input:

It is wonderful to connect with you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the information you received about the Cosmic Opportunity that is being presented to Humanity on July 17, 2007, by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth.

Won't it be wonderful when we can all communicate through open heart and mind telepathy? That way the Truth of our conversations will resonate within the Divinity of our Heart Flames, and we will know
that we know that we know. Then we will not be limited by language, semantics or our fear-based beliefs.

Tragically, whenever there is a monumental opportunity for the Light of God to increase on Earth the forces of imbalance redouble their efforts to block the Light. The good news is that Light is infinitely
more powerful than any fear-based, fragmented efforts or misinformation those wayward souls may try to conjure up.

I know that in most instances the people who are disseminating this misinformation truly believe what they are saying, and they think they are helping by sending out an alarm. So far, I have received about six different, urgent, alarmist warnings about this event:

One person thinks this activity of Light will remove our free will, fry the grid, blow Humanity's circuits and diminish the power of the Christ Grid.

Another person says ANY attempt to heal the Earth is associated with evil forces. They claim that the demise of the Earth is God's Divine Plan, and the only way people will ascend into Light and harmony is
for the Earth to be destroyed.

Another person says the grid is actually a web that has been placed around the Earth by evil ET's, and the intent of the July 17th activity is to imprison all Humanity.

And on and on and on...

I would like to interject a little reason into this matter. Our Free Will is a gift from our Father-Mother God that was given to each of us the moment we were first breathed forth from the Core of Creation.
No one has the ability or power to take that away from us except our God Parents.

At the time of our inception, we were also invested with the creative faculties of thought and feeling. The Divine Intent of our Earthly sojourn is to learn to become cocreators with our Father-Mother God,
thus manifesting the perfection of Heaven on Earth.

Humanity is now in the process of reversing the adverse effects of our fall from Grace aeons ago. We are healing our self-inflected separation from God and each other. To help us with this process, we
are receiving more assistance from the Company of Heaven than ever before in the history of time.

The common-sense Truth about the wondrous opportunity that is being presented to Humanity on July 17, 2007, is that we are not the victims of circumstance, we are the creators of circumstance. No
matter what agenda the forces of imbalance may be trying to interject into this activity of Light, they will fail. The Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious, and WE are that Light.

It is the DIVINE INTENTION with which people participate in this hour-long meditation on July 17, 2007, at 11:11 a.m. GMT that will determine the result of this collective activity of Light. We are being asked to infuse this blessed planet and all her Life with the full momentum of our Love and Light. We are also being asked to bless Beloved Mother Earth with the sacred gifts and talents of our I AM Presence, our true God Selves.

There are millions of Love-centered people committed to participating in this glorious event. Every one of them has the Divine Intent of being the most powerful force of Light and Love they are capable of
being during that Cosmic Moment. NOTHING will prevent the Immaculate Concept of this facet of God's Divine Plan from being fulfilled.

Just for a moment, feel the elation and the gratitude our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are projecting through your Heart Flame in appreciation for your willingness to be an Instrument of God at this critical time on Planet Earth.

Then affirm with deep feeling...

I AM the Victory of the Light in all situations! I AM the Victory of the Light in all situations! I AM the Victory of the Light in all situations! And so it is. Beloved I AM.

Keep shining your magnificent Light!

God Bless You,
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