Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ Tipon Water Temple, Peru - Sept 17th, 2010

The following is the first message that we received, during our most recent journey to the PERU, in Sept 2010. You can find other messages on our website at under the link entitled "Articles on Personal & Planetary Transformation ". We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for humanity also. So as you read this, just imagine that you were there with us . . . the Masters and Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. You might want to imagine that you are sitting with us in Andes.

I will tune in now to see what is going on . . . (Pause)
What the Andean Masters are showing me is that we are now experiencing a huge blast of pure energy that is going to push us through a new door. We are walking in this new energy now. This energy is going to open us up to a new world. It is super quiet, subtle, and indefinable, so it is really hard to describe what I see that is going on. Last year, it was so completely clear what was going on. We had the invitation to make a Tipon Abundance Essence last year. The energy which we are feeling this year is brand new and something we have not experienced before. This is why we don't know how to label it.

The Andean Masters say that we have gone through a new door. This door opened about two to three weeks ago (late August). We have all shared about this shift and how we felt everything shift about two weeks ago. I was so pleased, because I knew that we were going to be in Peru in the first few days of this new energy. This new energy acts as a clean slate, and we must become clean slates to receive it.

When we walked into the site, we were welcomed by a condor flying overhead, and now four Lemurian healers that I work with have now shown up. They are tall, winged-like masters. They look somewhat extra-terrestrial-like with tremendous heart energy. I met them in Lake Titicaca in 1997 on the Island of the Moon. I had slipped into the Golden City. Once I realized that I was there, I surprised myself, and suddenly I came back out; but they followed me. So, every so often, when I work with people, and they see that they need heart work, they will come and work on people's hearts.

What they do is that they stretch our heart energy, so we can contain more of this new energy that is the pure expression of divine love. What they want to do is clean our slates, because we have entered a new door as of a few weeks ago, and we are still carrying some of the old world with us. What they would like to do is clean away all that belongs to the old world, if that is OK with you. All you have to do is go inside and invite them in to clean your slate. They don't say anything. They just work on stretching our heart energy out. You might feel this happening, or you might not. It doesn't matter; the work is being done. They want to clean out the old things that we are still holding on to; not that we intentionally wanted to hold onto them. Two to three weeks ago, in that old reality, all of your hearts were in good shape. But now, because we are in this new energy, we have another layer to clean up, so we can hold more of the higher frequency.

And there is something else they are showing me as they are cleaning us up here. They are asking if they can anchor us and help us put our feet down really strongly in this new world. From my view, it does not look like we are floating, but to the Lemurian healers, they say we are not anchored here in this new world . . . this new door way. We need to put our feet down here. We really need to anchor this new energy, and they want to help us with this today. You have to give them permission to do this inside your heart. They will not do anything against your free will. If you don't like the way it feels, you just tell them to lay off. They won't be insulted the slightest bit. It is up to you.

What they want to do is to integrate the vibration of the new world, which we are now stepping into, to match where we are now. In other words, they are going to make us a clean slate so as to imprint these new frequencies. This will raise our frequencies. I know a lot of you came with things that you wanted to let go off. It looks like this is an opportunity to get some assistance with this surrender of old patterns and memories.

OK . . . (pause) something else is coming in . . . I see a valley . . . a deep valley. Energy is pouring into this valley. I do not understand what they are showing me here. I need to sit and watch it a moment. OK . . . this valley is inside of us. It appears that the Lemurian healers are emptying us out, and have made our hearts into sacred chalices. In this valley, they are going to start pouring the new energy in, little bit by little bit, during our journey (and the next few weeks). They are going to start filling us up with this light.

So . . . first they clean our slates. Second . . . they assist us in putting our feet on the ground. Then they make a chalice inside of us, and start pouring in light. I am going to say it looks like water, and we are in a water site, but it looks like . . . how do I say this . . . liquid light inside of us. Each drop is like an entire universe . . . with stars, and the knowledge of the universe, and wisdom, truth and great compassion. I am going to follow this river back and see where it is coming from because that looks really incredible. It looks multi-dimensional. Part of this liquid light, that holds the knowledge and wisdom of the new world that we are stepping into, is coming from the Earth. It is coming from the world that we are in, but it is also coming from the stars, and it is also coming from our soul family . . . our star families. It is not very linear, so it is hard to describe. It looks like it is coming from the same place, but it is not. It is coming from many places . . . the stars, the Earth, our Star/Soul family.

This river of light is also coming from the ones that have been calling us. This might feel like a beckoning, like a need to go someplace or a need to do something. A lot of you came on this pilgrimage for this very reason . . . you had an inner calling. This calling came from your ancestors. But they are not ancestors of the past, because they are still here. They have been waiting for us for a long while, and they have been paving a road for us to follow. But they can only do so much for us. There is a little, tiny trail that, when we become aware and awake, we start becoming very aware of. It is that little, tiny fine line of energy that you call your flow. That is a little path that they left. But it is going to be our job to widen that path, and make it bigger so others can follow after us. We need a super highway to the new world, and we are the builders.

This river of light will awaken humanity in waves. There were many waves before us, and now we are immersed in a powerful wave, and there will be many waves after us. So our job is to receive everything that this new world has to offer, while we are walking in these lands (and those reading at home), while we continue to fill up our sacred chalice, anchor our feet on the ground, and keep our slate clean. This will keep us open . . . and to keep our hearts open to receive. When we do this, we will be paving the way for those that walk this path after us. Does that make sense?

Now back to the valley inside of you . . . . There is a chord of light coming from source, that is going right down through the top of our heads and through our hearts, and it is going to anchor to the center of the earth. This offers us a particularly safe space to open our hearts further. They are now offering a lot of heart healing in the group (and to those who are reading this). They are not letting me see who they are working on. I am glad they don't, because this is private. They are working on certain people to replace pieces of your heart that you had given away, or that were broken, or that you had sacrificed. Some of you sacrificed pieces of your heart, and they are giving it back now, because we need ALL of you here at this time. The Andean Masters say that it is time to stop giving away yourself. We need to become aware and awake and whole in ourselves, so we can be a living example for those that are to follow on this path after us. If you are missing pieces of your heart, you are not whole and complete. It is really difficult to be an effective example of this new energy, to be truly of service to anybody else, until your heart is whole, and you are anchored. Does that make sense? Ask now for your heart pieces to be returned to you through ALL . . . Time - Space - Dimension …. Body - Mind - Spirit … Past - Present and - Future. You must ask to receive this.

When we arrived here at Tipon, I also felt Lord Meru welcoming us and is also assisting us in cleaning up our slates. I didn't have time to mention this before. He is still here. He has been watching over us (Lord Meru is the head of the brother/sister hood of the Seven Rays of South America. This is related to Saint Germaine and the Great White Brother/Sisterhood of North America).

About a week and a half ago, Lord Meru came to me, and I felt that he was watching over all of us. This is why we have had such a smooth landing. Everybody is doing really, really well with the energy and the altitude and the food and the change of culture. It is obvious that we are getting some really divine help. It is the smoothest landing we have ever had. During this last week, Lord Meru had his back to me. I thought "OK, am I not supposed to be going to Peru? What is going on with you having your back to me?" And then he just said, with a wave over his shoulder, "Come on." He is going to show us something in the coming days while we bathe in this new energy. I don't know what it is yet, and I expect that we will probably all figure it out together.

OK . . . now they are shifting my vision . . .
I am hearing our soul families speak, and they are saying that we are carrying a higher vibration than we had last year or the year before. The energy is rising up at a multiplying rate of speed. So we are now more capable of integrating the new intense energy that is coming in now. We have prepared well, even though some of you might think that you did not take enough time to prepare. They say you did. Your soul family is here, yet they are from the future; but it is not really the future, it is really here. There is no future. There is only NOW. So, time is weird when you look into the next dimension. It is not linear. Does that make sense to you? They are really excited to see you all again, and they are welcoming you with indescribable gratitude and excitement. I think if I allowed myself to feel all of that, I would explode right here on the spot. It is big.

OK . . . now they are shifting my vision . . .
The Lemurian healers are going around the circle (and around those reading this) and checking everybody's slate to make sure you are nice and clean. They are going to want to keep doing this with you every step you take throughout your journey . . . if you have given them permission to do this. Sometimes there are side effects to these healings, but I am not getting that there are going to be any side effects at all. Looks like it is going to be real easy, because I always ask, "OK, this all sounds really nice, but what does it really mean while in a physical body?" It looks like it is going to be a real easy transition. OK . . . Archangel Michael pops in here . . . He has a big chalk board inside each of you, and he is going to keep erasing things as they appear. These are things are part of our mechanistic mind . . . the things that roll around like an unending tape recording. Archangel Michael and the Lemurian healers are going to make sure that those things get erased. These tapes are from the old world. So it might help if you start imagining that the world that you left is behind you now. It is just a dream. Just imagine that the world that you just now left is no longer the world that you go back to. It is gone. Now, in reality this in not true, but energetically, it is truth. You are not going to go back to the same world that you left. It is going to be very different . . . in a better way.

So they say that they got permission from everyone in our group for keeping the slate clean. They are going to continue to fill up this valley that is inside of us that is centered right in the heart. Eventually this river of light it is going to trickle down through that central chord and will travel all the way down and to the center of all that is.
(On this day, Tipon was full of kids). Lord Meru says that he planned the child energy today. Even on the bus, there were busloads of kids coming by us and waving, and the whole place is just full of kids today. I have never seen this many kids in this place. Usually we are here by ourselves. So there is a reason why this fresh, new, youthful energy is here while we are getting our slates cleaned, and while we are absorbing our first bit of energy going into this chalice inside of us. So we are getting like an essence of childlike innocence put back into us, because a lot of us know that that childlike innocence has been pretty beaten out of us for the last ten years . . . particularly the last year was really rough.

OK . . . I think that this is what they wanted to do for us in this place. The Andean Masters, the Lemurian healers and Archangel Michael are going to follow us throughout our days here, along with your soul family. To help this inner work along, keep inviting them in. Just imagine that they are walking with you. This will make the connection stronger. Just imagine that you have a group wandering around with you. Act as if they are here with you. This tells the universe that we desire this healing, and the universe will help open this channel so you can feel it. Does that make sense? You pretend at first to tell the universe what you want, and then the universe has to comply to give you what you are acting as if you have. The universe responds in the present moment. So if you want to feel more connected to your star family, just keep acting as if they are right here with you. What you act on is what you receive more of.

About the sacred site of Tipon . . .
If you look with your eyes, you see many terraces. You imagine that maybe they farmed here. But I don't know if it is necessarily true. Even at Machu Picchu, the terraces are thought to be used for gardens. I think they were for flowers and for pretty things, just because they just wanted to have beauty around them. The Andean Master had no need to eat food for energy. They only ate for the entertainment. We do that now. A lot of times we eat, because we want to entertain ourselves, but we are really not hungry. Do you notice that we are starting to do that more and more lately? It is because we probably don't need to be eating. You know all this is going to happen naturally. People in the last twenty years have been pushing it trying to be breath-airians, and sun-gazers, which I totally agree with. I do sun-gazing myself. But I think that the Earth is going to naturally evolve where we will go back to these ways of the Masters without the stress and struggle. Awakening was never met to be a struggle . . . but boy we sure make it one, don't we? If we just love ourselves, stay in the NOW, and have patience, it will all unfold. We try too hard. When we do that, we push what we desire away.

So . . . in closing . . . What is before us is a clear, empty canvas. I think this is for us to create together. The vases in Tipon that we saw last year, which were formerly holding energy, have now been moved into our hearts' chalice. I can't see the buried vases anymore.

ALUNA JOY YAXK'IN is an internationally known author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to God. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak) Clairvoyant, or seer of living energy.

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