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- 8 augustus 2009 -

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A Message on the Great Shift of Consciousness August 9, 2009 (1.15/5 Mirror)
Channeled by Carol Ritberger Ph. D.
for Thoth, Hierophant of the Melchizedeks

Carol: My presence and voice was requested by Thoth and the Council of the Melchizedeks to share this congratulatory message with all who have worked for, suffered for, sacrificed for, longed for, and who have in the perseverance of their human spirit created the greatest shift in consciousness that humanity has ever experienced. It is this consciousness that will free us from the bondages of our past, from the limitations of self-doubt, and that will expand our thinking so that we may create a new way of being where it is possible to manifest unimaginable results. They wanted me to convey that they are in awe of our resiliency and humbled by our courageous nature.
Thoth: It is true that you are living in unprecedented and extraordinary times where the words and energy of one person can become the tipping point of change. It is in your desire to rise above and move beyond limiting thoughts and destructive emotions that have moved you into the enlightened state of being. You may feel that you have awakened from a long evolutionary slumber to once again become fully engaged in life.
There is a stargate, a portal in time that has been pulsating in the same rhythm as your human heart beat. This stargate has, over the course of 26,000 years, been opening and closing in indiscernible measurements. Yet, over the last 260 days this stargate has opened wider so you may see what lies beyond the reality that drives many of the activities of your daily existence. In the last 26 days, this stargate has remained open more than closed so you can venture into the reality of the subtle world of your soul.
On August 9, 2009 this stargate will be fully open and will remain open for two solar days. Within the four days prior to this date, you will feel a vibrational shift in your being and a notice a shift in your thinking. Your earth will culminate the trinity of eclipses. The first July 6-7, 2009, was a lunar eclipse. Then on July 22-23, 2009, was a solar eclipse. On August 6, 2009, will be the final eclipse which will be a lunar eclipse. Eclipses represent gateways, we call them stargates, that move thought and energy from one dimension into another. This final eclipse will ensure the energy of the portal vibrationally resonates the harmonics of the sacred feminine.
Let us explain the nature of a stargate so you may better understand its significance. A stargate is a doorway. In this case, it's a doorway in the mind that allows the perceptions of the left brain and the perceptions of the right brain to merge and form a sacred union. In doing so, the impurities, meaning the limitations and distortions held within both brains will be transmuted into the pure - pure meaning, in cooperation with each other and open to new ways of thinking. When the impurities are transmuted then both brains merge electrochemically and both are capable of heightened states of awareness. The stargate is this heightened state of awareness and is what allows the two brains to merge with the soul brain, which is housed deep within the workings of the human mind. In this alchemy of brains, all will reach their state of perfection.
How will you know when you've entered into the stargate and accessed the wisdom of the soul brain? You will find yourself feeling calm. You will experience a sense of resolve that comes from understanding that while you can control your thoughts, you cannot control the thoughts of other people. You will not be inclined to engage in conversations where there is no desire for mutual satisfaction, and where the air is charged with conflict and power struggles. When you experience strong negative emotional reactions you might hear your inner voice ask, "How do you want to see the situation and to what extent do you want to engage in the process?" Do you want to see it from the perception of your mind or do you want to see it from the perception of your soul? While the situation remains the same, if you see it from the perception of your soul, your response will be completely different than if you saw it from the perception of the mind. From the soul's perspective, you will see that it serves no value either to yourself or to others to continue to engage in the process. Be mindful, that this difference may make people around you uncomfortable. So be it. It is intended to be this way, for you are presenting them the opportunity to think and to awaken from their evolutionary slumber.
The twenty days following the closing of the stargate, you may find yourself experiencing a restlessness or an uneasiness. This is not because something is wrong with you, it is the tension created between those who entered into the stargate and chose to remain, and those who chose to stay in state of consciousness ruled by the physical world. Be mindful, from the perspective of the soul, whether someone chooses to enter into the stargate and remain in that enlightened consciousness or they chose to stay where they are in the consciousness of the physical world there is no right or wrong. It is merely the expression of free will. Do not invest your time or energy in trying to change the outcome or change another's free will.
We spoke of the harmonics of the sacred feminine. We find that it might be of value if we offered insight into what the sacred feminine is and why at this time in your evolution its presence is so significant.
The sacred feminine is the soul. It is neither feminine nor masculine in its vibrational polarity. Instead, it is a combination of both that forms a state of androgyny. It is this vibrational androgyny that makes it possible for you to enter into the stargate and remain if you choose without experiencing physical ramifications. The sacred feminine is the essence of your being and is the part of your being that animates the activities of the mind and the body. It is that immeasurable and indescribable living field of transformational consciousness that links your soul to the entire cosmos and to all that exists. It is the compassionate warrior.
It is the desire of these non-physical beings who are the order of the Melchizedeks, a group of evolved teachers and overseers of the evolutionary process of consciousness, to let us know how much we are loved and are supported in our quest to create what we need and what we desire. They offer their insights to provide the clarity and guidance so we may move forward confidently, without suffering, on our evolutionary journey.
Light and Love, Carol
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