RINRI: the Ethical Curriculum of the Earth
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The correct behavior of the sacred warrior journey in the Telektonon, the Cube of the Law,
to re-install the bio-magnetic standard of the biosphere, equally among all mankind.

The 17 daily affirmations of the RINRI PROJECT, equivalent to the Warrior Journey
of the Cube of the Law of Time. This Cube Journey starts at Day 7.

Days 7-22 of every 28-day moon you have 16 days to practice
your telepathic powers of awakened intelligence and prophecy.

Day 7: Cube 1 Today is the best day. Now is the best opportunity.
Day 8: Cube 2 Hardships are gateways to happiness.
Day 9: Cube 3 It is you yourself who determine your fate and create your environment.
Day 10:

Cube 4

Other people are the reflections of our own mind.
All things in the universe are our teacher.
Day 11: Cube 5 Man and wife are a pair of mirrors.
Day 12:

Cube 6

The child is a great actor, performing as on the stage,
the mind of the parents.
Day 13:

Cube 7

The body is a symbol of the heart and spirit.
Sickness is a danger signal in our life.
Day 14:

Cube 8

Cheerfulness is the father of good health
and friendliness is the mother of happiness.
Day 15:

Cube 9

A breach of promise will cause you to loose your happiness
and deprive others of theirs.
Day 16: Cube 10 Work is the highest joy.
Day 17: Cube 11 Material things come to those who make the best of them.
Day 18: Cube 12 Give up and you will receive.
Day 19: Cube 13 Do not forget the origin nor neglect the completion.
Day 20: Cube 14 Hope is the sunshine of our heart.
Day 21: Cube 15 Faith leads to success. Fear and doubt, to failure.
Day 22: Cube 16 Respect yourself and do the same to others.
Day 23: Cube 17 Life is a drama produced by God and you play a leading part.