Advanced Earth Wizard´s 7-Day Bio-Solar Telepathic Training Program
Lunar Moon 15-21 (Kin 46-52), Self-Existing Seed Year
(6-12 September, 2009) Cisternino, Italia.

If we are to eject the circumpolar rainbow bridge by 2012, then we must now learn to exert supermentally as one noospheric collective dispersed equally around the planet. The purpose of this advanced 7-day training seminar is to rehearse the component elements of the supermental knowledge, techniques and forms of conduct that will compress our behavior as Earth Wizards into that of a single, planetary bio-solar telepathic organism - homo noosphericus.

It is expected that those who attend will learn and study these elements and methods without egoic distortion so that they may truthfully transmit this knowledge to others and thereby establish the necessary pre-2012 telepathic network of Timeship Earth 2013.

Proposed Thematic Program

(Power Number - Day- Kin - Thematic)

142857 - Lunar 15 Day 1 - Kin 46, 7 World-Bridger. Magnetic power of 7: Recovering the Interval of Lost Time in Eternity. Living cosmology of time

285714 - Lunar 16 Day 2 -Kin 47, 8 Hand. Harmony of the principle of binary cross-over polarity and cosmic universal order. Night and day, self and other

428571 - Lunar 17 Day 3 - Kin 48, 9 Star. Electro-telepathic elements, structures, and modes of communication. Pulsing the power of art

571428 - Lunar 18 Day 4 - Kin 49, 10 Moon. Manifesting the power of self-existing form principles: Ratio 4:7::7:13 as the basis of Synchronic order

714285 - Lunar 19 Day 5 - Kin 50, 11 Dog. Overtone Power of Hunab Ku 21: Liberating the archetypal nature and purpose of Cosmic Evolution.

857142 - Lunar 20, Day 6 - Kin 51, 12 Monkey. Rhythmic supremacy of the Cube (144, 216, 2808). Crystalline telepathic form language of the 441 Cube matrix

999999 - Lunar 21, Day 7 - Kin 52, 13 Human. The living rainbow: Noosphere as the way of the Bio-solar telepath. CREST13 telepathic meditations and the cosmic human

The way of Earth is enlightening. I am one with the Earth. The Earth and myself are one mind. Not I but we - may it be fulfilled! May my life be the sacred performance of the art of universal unification. May Earth be realized as a work of art.

To register for the Seminary:
Send 144 euro for registration plus 56 for 7 lunches at the Ashram, total 200 euro at the following coordinates:

C/C 003968

IBAN – IT60 Y010 0504 0070 0000 0003 968 Payments from Italy
SWIFT/BIC:  BNLIITRR  IT60 Y010 0504 0070 0000 0003 968 - Payments from Foreign Countries
Don't be surprised when the synchronic order appears!

The official announcement for the seven day seminar in Italy comes from the following web address: