I am writing to inform you that Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles departed this
Planet on Solar Moon 17 (March 23), Red Spectral Moon, at 6:10 a.m (the
exact same time that he was born in 1939 in the Red Spectral Moon year).

After a short illness, he slipped away in complete peace. We are asking for
those who loved him to hold a synchronized vigil and/or ceremony on his
behalf at noon (Pacific standard time) on Solar Moon 19, Kin 91. Send him
your prayers, light and blessings to continue his spirit journey - and also
visualize the rainbow bridge and the Return of Light.

Red Spectral Moon (solar seal 9, tone 11 - 9.11)

I dissolve in order to purify
Releasing flow
I seal the process of universal water
With the spectral tone of liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled.

Solar Moon 17 began vinal 13: Closing the equivocating part and entering a

Note that he departed 58 days after his 72nd birthday. Kin 58-White Rhythmic
Mirror-is the excarnation date on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan. Between his
(Jose/Votan's) birth kin (11) and his death kin (89) there are 78 days. 78
(6 x 13) is the sum of the tones of the clear signs on the tomb of Pacal
Votan. Note: the tomb lid of Pacal Votan was closed and sealed a few moons
ago in Palenque, a clear sign.

The message that he wanted me to convey to kin is that everything is now the
responsibility of the people who have heard the message. There is much work
to be done. He said to tell all kin: "EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!! Love
everyone. Hate no one. God bless everyone." He will now be assisting the
closing of the cycle from the other side of the veil.

"Perfect was my time of coming. Perfect was my mission. Perfect was the time
of my going. Perfect is the discovery of my prophecy ." Telektonon 11.67

I extend all of my love to everyone in this most heartbreaking (but
miraculous) time,

Love Red Queen/Stephanie/Kin 185

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