Introduction: Preparing the Reader for Cosmic History Chronicles

Cosmic History is a descent of the Absolute, a positive construct fitted to the Closing of the Cycle. When you first encounter Cosmic History what you are actually dealing with is a confrontation of your own unexamined assumptions about reality. Therefore it is wise when you encounter this knowledge to be able to put your mind on hold. That is to say, your conceptual mind, your mind of acquired knowledge, your mind that you have inherited from birth -you have to put this mind on hold- and then practice how to keep it there.

Through meditation you should practice stopping the mind and becoming familiar with the fact that your usual habitual thoughts arise without your even trying. And these habitual thoughts intrude as a filter on reality. It is important to see that your habitual thoughts or your concepts about reality are like phantoms that arise automatically - but they are just phantoms. It is important to realize how these phantoms can insert themselves automatically and unconsciously into the screen of your waking reality so that your behavior is actually a function of these thoughts or patterns about which you are basically unconscious. Only when you truly see this can you approach new thoughts or a new vision of reality.

In the case of Cosmic History, you are being presented with an entirely new model of reality, a new galaxy and a new method for knowing so you have to be aware of subtle issues -the nature of the mind, what is perceived and how the mind processes what is perceived. It begins with stopping the mind and realizing that the mind is constituted of an endless number of concepts and guidelines that may or may not be connected and are based on unexamined assumptions about reality. You really have to look and see what all of these assumptions might be. You have to see these and then realize that if you are going to contribute to the world model - then you have to first take yourself out of it. You have to pull the hooks of the present world model out of your own habits of thinking or ways of viewing things. Only in this way can you actually be ready to consider a new perspective or a new model of reality. Intrinsic to this is the issue of discipline and exertion. Evolution is attained through exertion. Exertion is evolution. You evolve your mind by exerting in discipline and knowing. You have to keep exerting, you don’t just stop. No discipline really has its conclusion. Unless you have a clear grasp of these subtle points, it is difficult to come to a correct understanding of Cosmic History. Unless you control your mind, how can you see what reality is?

With continued effort the discipline of studying Cosmic History begins to have a cumulative qualitative effect that increasingly elevates your everyday consciousness into a fourth-dimensional perception of reality. In this reality everything seems dreamlike and made out of space - and the cultivation of cosmic perceptions and cosmic sensations occur much more easily. This process itself is the effect of Cosmic History. By this we mean that the words or the phrase “Cosmic History” refers to a type of mental experience, a quality or state of mind of the cosmic field of perception.

These considerations are merely to help you get to a point where you are able to understand and appreciate that we are dealing with a radically “newer” form of reality than has yet been presented to the human species. It is important to know how to approach the new information templates of Cosmic History in a receptive way so they can impress and imprint you.