Join us for a Resurrection in Consciousness!

Who: All beings: On, inside and off planet
What: Rainbow Bridge Timeline Shift
Where: The Inner Plane
When: All day on Easter Sunday, April 12 -
Planetary Moon 9, Kin 14, White Magnetic Wizard.

You can do this two-part meditation anytime on Magnetic Wizard.

This Easter Sunday synchronically marks one spin (260 days) from Galactic New Year, July 26, 2019.

On this day, we held a powerful event in Teotihuacan, Mexico entitled: Encoding the Galactic Future and Steering the Timeship.

This event included several amazing speakers and also a ceremonial Timeline Shift by Dr. Peter Lindemann, Red Electric Moon, to steer Timeship Earth into a prosperous and radiant future. The second part of our Easter meditation, will include the reaffirmation of this shift.

Part 1: Rainbow Bridge

Before the meditation it is good to take a few moments to clear your mind, dissolving all thoughts as they arise. Also focus on your heart. Generate feelings of love.

When you feel your heart is open and your mind is clear, then begin the visualization.

Visualize yourself inside the Earth’s octahedron crystal core. Feel your heart at the center of this crystal core generating an intensely blazing point of white light.

This light from your heart core creates an etheric column that extends to the North and South poles from the blazing center to the tips of the octahedron.

Now visualize a great stream of multicolored plasma-filled light emanating from your heart core and flowing along the central axis toward both of Earth’s poles, shooting out from them, to become two rainbow bands 180 degrees apart.

As Earth revolves on its axis, this rainbow bridge remains steady and constant, unmoving.

Feel the two streams of rainbow light rushing through your central column, shooting out from above your head and beneath your feet to create a rainbow bridge around your body.

Feel that you are a transmitter and receiver of a telepathic wave of pure Love. Repeat 3 times:

I am One with the Earth, the Earth and myself are One Mind.

Now you and the Rainbow Bridge are one! Hold this energy for as long as you feel.

Part 2: Timeline Shift

In a state of loving open-heartedness, we start stage 2, to strengthen the activation of the Timeline shift to Release the Technology of Abundance on our Planet.

This technology of Abundance consists of the following components:

  • Free energy technologies to power all machines with no pollution or on-going costs
  • Abundant clean water for all human, animal, and plant needs
  • Abundant locally grown organic food for each community
  • Abundant health care for everyone using inexpensive, highly effective natural methods with no harmful side-effects

In addition to this, we envision a world that provides for the purification, re-balancing, protection and respect of the Natural World, and the conscious awakening in everyone of the trans-dimensional human/spirit being.

And all of this to come about in the safest and most expedient manner possible.

When you are ready, speak these words aloud three times with full conviction that this is Now occuring:

I now ask the Planetary Supervisor of Destiny to alter the current path of event probabilities for this world to one that fully supports the Technology of Abundance being released now for the universal support of real human need, the purification and re-balancing of the Natural World, and the conscious awakening of each and every person on this planet in alignment with their highest individual potential.

End of meditation… may it be so!

It will also be most effective if you can stay off of phones and internet on this day, and create Art! Envision the world you would like to see.

Some of us will be holding an all-day vigil, focalizing these new vibrations into our Planet.

Please feel free to share with us a painting, drawing, or collage of your new visions, and we will post some on our social media pages. Don’t forget to include your name, location and galactic signature (if you want), or you can be anonymous. Send them to

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